Segy utilities

Segy utilities

Can I build an initial model using more than one control point?

segy utilities

You can create a spatially variable initial model by defining turning points at several locations. It is described in Chapter 13 starting on page 13 Picking Subsets of Shots.

segyio 1.9.1

You can draw polygons to define the different control points, or you can draw a circle with a specified radius, or you can define a regular grid of subsets.

Can you provide an example of a file in the. Regarding the. However, we typically will rotate the 3D so that it fits in to a smaller rectangular cube, so that there are fewer cells that never get updated. In the image below, we would rotate the 3D on the left so that we can get a smaller overall cube for the velocity model the red outline would be the overall size of the velocity model. You can open the pdf files with whatever pdf reader you have on your system.

For example: xpdf How are statics calculated?

SEGY to ASCII Conversion and Plotting Program 2.0

Here is the description of calculating of Long-Wavelength to Floating Datum: In the Statics Calculationfirst, shots and receivers are moved from actual positions ie. This is the Long-Wavelength to Floating Datum.

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How can I interpolate upholes in 3D? How can I save the picks after I edit them? There are several things that will decrease the run time: Decrease the frequency of the Ricker wavelet; In the wtomo3d. This is because the parallelization may not take full advantage of more than 4 cores per node. If you do not have permission to modify the machines. The software will look for the AvailableMachines. How can I use existing picks or model to help with another round of automatic first break picking?

There is an option to use the synthetic traveltimes to flatten the data before running the automatic picking we use this option regularly. Then you would run the automatic picking. The utility will also create IDs for the shots, but you can chose to ignore them. Try using the typical receiver spacing along the cable as the bin size for receivers.

If you need a new shot ID also, it requires a different bin size. You can just run the utility twice, writing to different byte locations. How do I build a 3D model from uphole? The Editor is described in the Chapter 16 on pages 43 and How do I build an initial model with uphole data in 2D? These will be used for calculating Refraction Residuals.

Longer Smoothers will result in larger residual statics.

segy utilities

If the smoothers are too long, there will be long wavelength component to the Residual statics. If the smoothers are too short, the residual statics will be too small. Try smoothers that are times the Shot and Receiver Spacing to see if these are adequate.Released: Mar 13, View statistics for this project via Libraries.

Segyio is an attempt to create an easy-to-use, embeddable, community-oriented library for seismic applications. Features are added as they are needed; suggestions and contributions of all kinds are very welcome.

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Segyio does necessarily attempt to be the end-all of SEG-Y interactions; rather, we aim to lower the barrier to interacting with SEG-Y files for embedding, new applications or free-standing programs. Additionally, the aim is not to support the full standard or all exotic but correctly formatted files out there. Some assumptions are made, such as:.

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The writing functionality in Segyio is largely meant to modify or adapt files. A file created from scratch is not necessarily a to-spec SEG-Y file, as we only necessarily write the header fields segyio needs to make sense of the geometry. It is still highly recommended that SEG-Y files are maintained and written according to specification, but segyio does not mandate this.

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Subscribe to our mailing list.SEGY has long been a standard format for storing seismic data and header information. Almost every seismic processing package can read and write seismic data in SEGY format. Very few general-purpose plotting or computation programs will accept data in SEGY format. The resulting postscript file may be plotted by any standard postscript plotting program.

There are two versions of SAC: one version for plotting a SEGY file that contains a single gather, such as a stacked CDP or migrated section, and a second version for plotting multiple gathers from a SEGY file containing more than one gather, such as a collection of shot gathers. Note that if a SEGY file has multiple gathers, then each gather must have the same number of traces per gather, and each trace must have the same sample interval and number of samples per trace.

In addition, utility programs are present to convert non-standard Seismic Unix. SAC allows complete user control over all plotting parameters including label size and font, tick mark intervals, trace scaling, and the inclusion of a title and descriptive text. SAC shell scripts create a postscript image of the seismic data in vector rather than bitmap format, using GMT's pswiggle command.

As a test, one can run the shell script file to recreate the xyz and postscript files. The shell scripts run using the csh shell command interpreter, which is present on most Unix systems.

A requirement for plotting the seismic data is the GMT plotting package. The shell scripts documented here have successfully produced postscript files using Gmt version 3.

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Download this report as a page PDF document of For questions about the content of this report, contact Mark Goldman.Below are some examples of the utilities that I have built. My programs are built with Lazarus using the Free Pascal Compilerand some are built with Delphithey are native Windows executables and should run on any Windows flavour from Vista to Windows These utilities were built to perform a task, I do not claim to be a software developer, but rather a geophysicist who programs to make life easier and more fun.

Generally, I like to write programs that are easy to use and integrate the latest technologies; most of these are 64bit, so you may get a complaint if you are still using a 32bit Windows version. I have built many utilities and those shown are only examples. I have also written many Python scripts to perform tasks that are time consuming to do manually. I tend to use a version of Python that lags behind the latest release, this is just so that any dependent libraries are fully tested and will work according to plan.

Currently I am using Python version 3. These scripts use a number of libraries that may not be installed by default when you install Python see Python for more information about installation. El Gato Spanish for The Cat is a text file concatenator. I built this program initially whilst on site in the Argentine South Atlantic to concatenate tide files collected from the GNSS antennae over the vessel network.

However, the program will work for any text file s. I got bored testing serial communications using Hyper Terminal as every time I needed to change a baud rate or bit type I had to launch a new instance. The program can be used at two ends of a link to test for connectivity; additionally, strings may be sent on any link to check for latency etc.

This is a dockable application so the terminals can be undocked and viewed on any number of monitors. This program has been used by colleagues on many vessel mobilisations.

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As these updates can consume huge amounts of bandwidth several GB this is not always desirable when on board a vessel. The program disables the Windows update service and monitors the service every ten seconds; the service is stopped if the program detects that it is alive. Additionally, it creates a scheduled task that launches the application every time the user logs on to the Windows machine. The program can be disabled at any time and the scheduled task is deleted.

LAS/Segy and Scan Utility

The Windows update service is controlled by triggers within Windows so disabling the service manually has no guarantee that the service will remain dormant; this application seeks to keep the service asleep.

This is a Python script that will find and replace text in files. This script is intended to be used when the file size is very big. This script will work on very large files and is surprisingly fast. The script uses the Gooey argument parser to present the user with a GUI that makes easy selection of files and find and replace text.

This script can be used to quickly export navigation to view in other applications such a GIS and optionally apply some sort of smoothing or other manipulation. The script uses the Gooey argument parser to present the user with a GUI and uses the segyio libraries released by Statoil to read and write to the trace header bytes. Of course the script can be readily extended to include other bytes that may require QC or other manipulation.

Skip to content. Utilities Below are some examples of the utilities that I have built.

segy utilities

El Gato: Built with Lazarus 64bit. W10UpdateControl: Built with Lazarus 64bit. Gooey front end for find and replace.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. For this initial release, this tool has only one function: it allows you to transform coordinates in a SEGY from one coordinate system to another a so-called reprojection.

This is useful when you have a project mixing seismic surveys acquired over several UTM zones, or for those vintage datasets that make use of a local datum and you want everything in WGS You need a working installation of Python tested with version 2. I would recommend using Anaconda to automatise the installation of all the necessary packages. This creates an environment called segy that then needs to be activated with the command conda activate segy.

That's it, almost On Windows at least, the installation of GDAL may fail to create the necessary environment variables you need to check that with set on a command line where a conda environment has been activated. If you need to set it manually, follow these steps:.

Look for a folder containing a lot of csv files, especially one called gcs.

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To install segy2segy, simply use git to clone the repo, or download as a ZIP file and unzip it to your local drive. Then run the following:.

4 Fixing Seismics - Replacing Coordinates in SEGY file

In addition to copying the files into your python environment, this will also make the script segy2segy. Note that, by default, the coordinates are read from the "Source" header bytes 73 and 77 and are not overwritten. The new coordinates are written in the "CDP" header bytes and If omitted, a suffix must be defined see option -s. Files can't be overwritten. Must be defined as a EPSG code, i. See epsg.


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